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Foot Spa

Foot spa is a relaxing and effective technique that caters with all the demands of the feet. Primarily the technique involve soaking of the feet in a foot bath with warm water and added salt and essential oils, scrubbing, massaging and detoxifying, cleaning and applying foot lotion.

Our Foot Spa Service includes a body massage as well.

What is a Foot Spa?

About your feet : The 26 bones, 33 joints and 100-plus ligaments, tendons and muscles, in your feet take a beating over the years. Some of the most common foot disorders you may suffer at some point are calluses, corns and foot pain. A foot spa can be very soothing for aching feet and enhance your pedicure.

At first the therapist put your feet in the warm water to have a nice footbath. It helps to increase blood circulation.

At the same time, the therapist will massage your head, neck, shoulders and arms.

20min later, the therapist will come to your foot or reflexology massage. The acute points on the feet reflect to every part of your body. Press the points to send information to the body to maintain a good immunity system.

Footbaths stimulate nerve endings in your feet and relieve heartburn and acid indigestion. Footbaths relieve arthritic pain, insomnia, and acid reflux too. It also improves your sleeping.

Trees go with roots, body goes with foot.

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foot spa

Foot Spa Procedure

We recommend wearing shorts and tank top to take best advantage of your massage experience. 

You will begin with soaking your feet and ankles for a time in a basin, treated spa. While doing so, you will lie back and enjoy having your head, neck, shoulders and arms massaged. Ahhh!

Next your feet and legs will receive an 30 minutes extensive reflexology massage.

At this point, your massage technician will request that you turn over onto your stomach to receive  a 10 minutes back pressure massage.

We hope you become relaxed and don't hesitate to treat yourself to the best and return again.

We invite you to tell your friends so that might also partake this relaxing, soothing experience.

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